Social Welfare

Social Welfare

Sustainable Livelihoods

We believe livelihood development is integral to building a harmonious relationship with the local community where we operate. This notion is rooted in Orient’s belief that provision of livelihood opportunities to people in the remotest of regions is key to a country’s economic development. It is this notion that guides us to contribute to providing sustainable livelihoods directly and indirectly through several programs.

Orient Petroleum established two vocational training centres for women and one computer centre for the youth aimed at capacity building. Livestock management trainings were provided to the locals and several university scholarships were handed out to most deserving candidates.

Orient’s presence in a certain region also serves as a major source of livelihood for the local community. Oil and gas exploration facility not only offers direct employment to several people, but it also provides avenues for further job creation through contractors, vendors, and suppliers etc. Hundreds of workers completed several thousand man hours at Zamzama during major construction activities, with majority of them coming from the local area.

Women Empowerment

As we continue to pursue growth around the world, we believe we have an important role to play in supporting women and empowering them to achieve their fullest potential.

Orient Petroleum facilitates empowerment of women and children so they may reach their peak capabilities and improve their quality of life. Orient Petroleum extended support in establishing Women Skill Development Organization (WSDO); an organization which provided financial and technical support for implementing projects on capacity building, enterprise and marketing, adult literacy, and exhibitions of local handicrafts both locally and internationally.

Provision of Basic Amenities

Orient is committed to improving the community it operates in as part of our policy of giving back to the people. Provision of basic amenities to those around us forms an integral part of our culture. To contribute to developing infrastructure in the area, Orient Petroleum helped in construction of several farm-to-market access roads, a public park, and portable water sources through hand pumps, water filtration units, and reverse osmosis plants. Sanitation condition in tehsil headquarter town was also addressed along with solid waste management program for surrounding villages.

Sustainable Environment

Our approach to sustainability considers the several risks our beloved planet faces today, in lieu of which we have a clear roadmap to help protect and preserve the environment we live in. With our partner organizations, we are actively engaged to promote sustainable environment in our concession areas. Orient Petroleum funds tree plantation campaigns in the operational facilities, community project sites, and government roads and canals. To date, over 15,000 trees in District Dadu, Sindh and over 30,000 trees in District Attock, Punjab have been planted in collaboration with local communities, partner NGOs and government departments.

Emergency Relief

Orient Petroleum has always been at the forefront in marshalling resources to extend help to those afflicted by natural calamities. To that effect, we generously contributed towards relief and recovery efforts at the time of 2005 earthquake, and floods of 2007 and 2010. Adding to immediate assistance in the affected areas, houses were built for the deserving and seeds were distributed. Orient Petroleum also helped in rehabilitating state-owned healthcare and educational facilities.

Being a responsible corporate entity, the Zamzama Joint Venture, led by Orient Petroleum extended its support during the floods of 2010 for the surrounding communities within and outside its lease area. Having donated US$250,000 to World Food Program (WFP), the Zamzama joint venture extended its support for another US$250,000 to provide food and medical help to thousands of people living in the area.