Exploratory Blocks

Exploratory Blocks

Sakhi Sarwar Block

Orient Petroleum (30%), OPPL (50%) and ZPCL (20%) were awarded Sakhi Sarwar Block located in District D.G. Khan and Rajanpur, Punjab Province. Sakhi Sarwar is a high reward, medium risk, large structural anticlinal prospect, with significant unproven resources but a known live hydrocarbon system that produced ~1 MMSCF/D gas during unconstrained open hole flow in the Sakhi Sarwar ST‐3 well, drilled in 2007. Operator has evaluated that Pab formation has remained undrilled in both Sakhi Sarwar-1 & ST-3. The structure is on strike with several significant hydrocarbon discoveries and fields in the Ranikot, Pab and deeper formations, all with shallower structural crests. Mapping of 2D seismic lines indicates the structure has 3 main compartments. Ghani‐1 is planned to be drilled on an optimal location on the structural crest close to the original Sakhi Sarwar‐1 well that will target all the main formations and TD at approximately 17,200 ft within Mughal Kot Formation.

Marwat Block

Orient Petroleum (85%) signed Marwat EL along with ZPCL (15%) on January 22, 2007. Marwat is a highly prospective frontier exploration province which straddles the Trans‐Indus frontal ranges where the northern end of the productive Sulaiman fold belt meets the highly productive western end of the Potwar Plateau. The block lies in the Taank‐Bannu sub‐basin of the Upper Indus Basin and includes thrusted anticlinal structures that are adjacent to deep basinal source rock kitchens. A number of oil and gas seepages are reported across the area (at Mitha, Khattak, Kundal, and Bains) indicating a working petroleum system exists in the basins. Thermogenic gas was also tested in Pezu‐1 well drilled within the block. Depth to inferred source rock sequences indicates significant prospective potential for oil and gas resources exists within this largely unexplored block with little seismic and only one well penetration. Several discoveries north of the Trans‐Indus ranges have been made with a high success rate (~60%) since first discovery in 1999 (Chanda Field, still producing, OPL/ZPCL is a JV partner) in the Kohat sub‐Basin. Recent discoveries in the vicinity of Marwat block are,

  • Wali-1 (TD 4727m) drilled in 2020 by OGDCL in Wali EL is located ~10km north of Marwat EL. The well tested total ~37 MMSCFD of gas and ~2850 BCPD of condensate with WHFP of ~3,000psi at 32/64” choke size from Cretaceous & Paleocene reservoirs. The Well is on-stream.
  • Shewa-1 (TD 4,915m) drilled in 2021 by MPCL in Waziristan EL ~75km north of Marwat EL. The well tested ~52MMSCFD gas and 300 BCPD condensate from Lockhart & Hangu formations and is about to be on-stream.
  • Kot Palak-1 (TD 3527m) drilled in 2022 by Al-Haj in Baska North EL is located ~20km SW of Marwat EL. The well tested around ~39 MMSCFD of gas and 1840 BCPD condensates from Pab & Dunghan formations.

Marwat block contains several large surface anticlines including the Surkamar, Manzai & Pezu ‐ Bhittani, of which only the Pezu anticline was drilled, in 1969, off‐structure, on a fault breached section. Seismic acquisition plan is in hand for detailed subsurface mapping.

Harnai South

Harnai South was awarded to OPI (80%) and ZPCL (20%) in February 2010. The block is located in district Sibi, Baluchistan. A live petroleum system has been established in the surrounding areas of the block by the discoveries of Zarghun South and Ziarat blocks, and numerous oil seepages reported in the vicinity. The block is located adjacent to highly prospective EL ‘Block 28’ where MPCL has tested gas in Maiwand X-1 well (2589m TD). MPCL also tested 1500 bopd of oil in Bolan East-1 (TD 1,500m) in Ziarat block in the West of Harnai South block from Chiltan and Mughalkot formations.

The EL area has three major surface structural features namely Tor Ghar, Sihpal and Nari Gaj trends. Each trend has two surface anticlines which together provide six possible high volume structural leads.

Proven and potential reservoirs ranging from Jurassic to Eocene including Chiltan, Parh, Ranikot, Dunghan, Sui Main Limestone and Kirthar formations have been identified in the area. GFW & stratigraphic/structural studies confirm the continuation of surface leads into the subsurface at reservoir levels. Reservoirs are immediately adjacent to mature kitchen areas providing potentially highly efficient migration pathways and reservoir charging. The block has significantly high potential in a hugely unexplored area for a low commitment work program. Great opportunity to de-risk structures through seismic and geological work. Energy Infrastructure exists surrounding the block (SSGCL gas pipelines passing through the southern part of block).

Kohlu Block

OPI was assigned 30% of Tullow’s working interest in Kohlu Block in March 2019. OGDCL is the Operator with 40% working interest whereas MPCL holds 30% working interest. Kohlu Block is located in Kohlu, Dera Bugti and Barkhan districts of Baluchistan. Major surface features in the block are Kurdan, Siakoh, Tadri, Makhmar and Andhari. Cretaceous Pab formation and Jurassic Chiltan are the main reservoirs in the block, however, Dunghan, Ranikot, Goru, Mughal Kot and Parh are also potential reservoirs in the area. In Feb 2024, MPCL tested gas in Maiwand X-1 well (2589m TD) in adjacent Block-28 adding to the prospectivity of Kohlu EL. 412km of 2D seismic data acquisition is planned to delineate the subsurface structures. Formalities for contract award are in progress.

Saruna Block

The Saruna Block # 2567-4 was awarded to Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) on February 17, 2004. The Block is located in Districts Khuzdar and Lasbella of Baluchistan. OGDCL assigned 18% working interest to Orient Petroleum Inc.

Sari South Block

The Sari South Block # 2467-9 was awarded to Saif Energy Limited on October 25, 2005, that is located in Districts Kotri and Jamshoro of Sindh. M/s Saif Energy has assigned its entire working interest to Zaver Petroleum Corporation (Private) Limited (ZPCL) along with Operatorship effective January 01, 2018.