Exploratory Blocks

Exploratory Blocks

Operated Blocks

Sakhi Sarwar

Located in District DG Khan and Rajanpur of Punjab, Sakhi Sarwar Block is considered one of the prime exploration blocks in Pakistan. Orient Petroleum Inc. (OPI) acquired 151.7 kms of 2D Seismic, making it the Operator with a 100% working interest in Sakhi Sarwar Block.

Sari South

Sari South Block, covering a massive 594 sq. km area, is situated in Karachi Trough, Lower Indus Basin. ZPCL acquired 100% working interest in this block where, reservoir & seal prediction studies continue, and 3D seismic data acquisition is planned to finalize the location for the first exploratory well.


Marwat E.L. is situated in the prolific Bannu/Kohat Basin of District DI Khan, Tank and Laki, KPK. The exploratory license was awarded to OPI and Zaver Petroleum Corporation Limited on January 1, 2007 for an initial period of 5 years. Geological and geophysical exercises continue on the block with acquisition of new 2D seismic imminent. OPI with 85% working interest is the operator whereas ZPCL holds 15%.

Harnai South

Harnai South Block lies in Baluchistan, Pakistan approximately 50 kms southeast of Quetta. Exploration work continues whereas nearby drilling has indicated encouraging results with Zarghun South oil and gas discoveries in the Dunghan and Chiltan made merely 13 kms north-west of this block. Between 1985 and 1990, a total of thirteen wells produced approximately 80,000 STB of oil from Dunghan (Paleocene) in the adjacent block-28 to the east. OPI holds an 80% working interest in Harnai South.

Non-Operated Blocks

Saruna EL

Orient Petroleum Inc. (OPI) acquired an 18% working interest in OGDCL-operated Saruna EL, located in Kirthar Foldbelt. Currently, 2D seismic structural interpretation of the region is being conducted to identify drillable prospects.

Kohat EL

Recently, 16.67% working interest in Kohat Block, located in Kohat Basin to the north of Tal Block discoveries, was acquired by ZPCL. With the 3D seismic process now complete, an exploratory well Togh-1 (Shekhan South) is being drilled to test multiple reservoirs.

Bannu West EL

ZPCL further acquired 10% working interest in Bannu West EL, located in Kohat Basin west of Manzalai Field, having multiple reservoir targets. The block is underdoing initial stages of exploration and 3D seismic data is actively being acquired. Drilling of an exploratory well is planned after the acquired data has been processed and interpreted.

Kohlu EL

OPI is working to acquire 30% working interest in Kohlu Block located in Baluchistan. Based on the surface geology, the block poses a large resource potential. A comprehensive seismic program is underway to evaluate its true potential.