Non-Operated Fields

Non-Operated Fields

Sinjhoro Block Fields

Sinjhoro block is located in district Sanghar in Sindh province. The block consists of several small fields discovered in close proximity to one another including Baloch, Chak-2, Chak-63, Chak-63SE, Chak-66, Chak-66NE, Chak-7A, Hakeem Daho, Lala Jamali and Resham. Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd. (OGDCL) is the operator of the fields having working interest of 62.5% with other JV Partners including OPI (15%) and GHPL (22.5%).

So far, nineteen exploratory and six appraisal wells have been drilled resulting in ten discoveries. The Block hosts several surface facilities including gas sweetening plant, dehydration unit, LPG recovery unit, HP/MP/LP separators, front-end booster compressors, sale gas compressors, oil/LPG storage tanks and loading system. Recently, the operator reprocessed 952 Sq.KMs of 3D seismic while its interpretation is under progress which will help delineate further development and exploratory opportunities in the block. Cumulative production from fields is 83.8 BCF gas & 5.2 MMBBL condensate till 31st March 2021.

Mehar and Sofiya Fields

Mehar field is located in Sindh province, approximately 190 KMs West of Sukkur and 300 KMs North of Karachi. The Mehar field was discovered by an exploration well, ME-1ST1, in 2003, and was brought on-stream in November 2013 with three producing wells (Mehar-1, Mehar-2 and Mehar-3). During 2012, the operator reprocessed vintage 3D seismic data which identified Sofiya prospect and subsequently seismic interpretation led to the drilling of Sofiya-2 in 2013 which is located ~ 10 KMs North of Mehar field. Both Mehar and Sofiya are separate D&PLs with Mehar concession. United Energy Pakistan Ltd (UEPL) is the operator of both fields with working interest of 59.2105% along with other JV partners including OPI (11.8241%), ZPCL (3.9474%) and GHPL (25%).

To date, eight wells have been drilled in the block, five of which (Mehar 1, 2, 3, 5 and Sofiya 2) are producers. At present, Mehar and Sofiya have proven to bear hydrocarbons while Mitto and Kakrio leads are still under evaluation.

Surface facilities at Mehar Block consist of 30 MMSCFD amine sweetening and dehydration plants, hydrocarbon dew point control unit (HCDP), well gathering network, HP separators, sale-end compressors and condensate storage facility. Currently, development well Mehar-4 is being drilled to optimize production from Mehar field. Evaluation is in progress to drill Sofiya-3 development well. Cumulative production from both Mehar and Sofiya fields is 47 BCF gas and 3 MMBBL condensate till 31st March 2021.