Non-Operated Fields

Non-Operated Fields

Sinjhoro Block

Sinjhoro block is located in district Sanghar, Sindh Province, Pakistan. Sinjhoro E.L covering an area of 179.31 Sq. KM was awarded to joint venture of OGDCL (operator), Government Holdings (Private) Limited (GHPL) & Orient Petroleum Inc. (Orient Petroleum) on December 29, 1999, for the period of ten years. Twenty-one exploratory, six appraisal & three development wells have been drilled so far, out of which, eleven discoveries have been made. Sinjhoro development consists of several fields discovered in proximity of each other with in the Sinjhoro Exploration License namely Baloch, Chak-2, Chak-63, Chak-63SE, Chak-66, Chak-66NE, Chak-7A, Hakeem Daho, Lala Jamali, Kot Nawab, and Resham. The working interest owners in D&P Lease are OGDCL 62.5%, GHPL 22.5% & Orient Petroleum 15%.

The existing surface facilities include a gas sweetening plant, dehydration unit, LPG recovery unit, HP/MP/LP separators, front end booster compressors, sale gas compressors, oil/LPG storage tanks & loading system. 3D seismic reprocessing has been completed on 952 sq kms. and the interpretation is currently underway to delineate further appraisal, development & exploratory wells in the Sinjhoro block.

Mehar Block

Mehar Block is located in mountainous terrain ~190 Km west of Sukkur & 300 Km north of Karachi, Sindh province, Pakistan. The block was discovered in 2003 after successful testing of Mehar-1 from Pab & Lower Ranikot reservoirs. So far, two prospects Mehar & Sofiya in the block proved to be hydrocarbon bearing while Mitto & Kakrio leads are under evaluation. Current working interest owners in Mehar block D&PL are UEPL 59.2105 % (operator), GHPL 25.0 %, OPI 11.8421 % & ZPCL 3.9474%.

Regular production from Mehar field started in November 2013. Surface facilities consist of amine sweetening & dehydration plants, hydrocarbon dew point control unit (HCDP), well gathering network, HP separators, sale end compressors & condensate storage facility. Front End Compressors are also deployed to enhance the recoveries.

Shakardara Block

The Joint Venture of Chanda D&P Lease, comprising of Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) as Operator, Government Holdings (Private) Limited (GHPL) and Zaver Petroleum Corporation (Private) Limited (ZPCL), which is located in District Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

New Development well Chanda-7 was spud on 25th October 2022 & drilled down to TD @ 5492 M successfully. Currently, DST of Kingriali & Datta formation is in progress. The Well is expected to be tied up in system in June 2024, Insha Allah.

Chanda-4 ceased to flow, rig workover carried out and well has been recompleted successfully. The rig has been released and testing will be done after the rig moves.

Waziristan (Ex. Bannu West) Block

Drilling of Well Shewa-1

Exploratory well (Ex. Bannu West-1) Shewa-1 spud on 6th June 2021 & drilled 6” hole down to well TD at 4915 M in Datta formation. Spotted Cement Plug at 4450 M in Samanasuk formation. Conducted DST’s in Lamshiwal, Kawagarh, Hangu & Lockhart. Lockhart DST tested ~25.68 MMSCFD gas, which increased to ~50 MMSCFD during CIT after acid job. Well has been completed in Lockhart formation & is currently shut in awaiting surface facilities & tie-in. Production from this well is expected to start in March- 2024.

Drilling of Shewa-2

First appraisal well Shewa-2 was spud on 2nd June 2023 & successfully drilled down to TD at 4500 m. Conducted DST’s in Samanasuk, Kawagarh, Hangu & Lockhart formations. Well has been completed in Lockhart formation & after stimulation tested 52 MMSCFD gas.

Future Plans

Exploratory well Spinwam-1 & 2nd appraisal well Spinwam East (Shewa-3) are expected to spud in April-2024 & December-2024 respectively.

Shewa EWT Project Update: All plant and facilities are completed and ready to take gas. Road and storm water drains are being completed.