Non-Operated Fields

Non-Operated Fields

Sinjhoro Block Fields

Located in District Sanghar, Sindh, the Sinjhoro Block E.L. covering an approximate area of 179.31 sq kms. was awarded to a joint venture of OGDCL (operator), Government Holdings (Private) Ltd. (GHPL) & Orient Pakistan Limited (Orient Petroleum) on December 29, 1999 for a period of ten years. Since then, nineteen exploratory and six appraisal wells have been drilled leading to ten discoveries. The Sinjhoro Block constitutes several small fields discovered in close proximity to one another including Baloch, Chak-2, Chak-63, Chak-63SE, Chak-66, Chak-66NE, Chak-7A, Hakeem Daho, Lala Jamali and Resham. The working interest owners in D&PL are OGDCL with 62.5%, GHPL with 22.5% and Orient Petroleum with 15%.

The Sinjhoro Block hosts several surface facilities including gas sweetening plant, dehydration unit, LPG recovery unit, HP/MP/LP separators, front-end booster compressors, sale gas compressors, oil/LPG storage tanks and loading system. 3D seismic reprocessing was completed for 952 sq kms. and the interpretation is currently underway.

Mehar and Sofyia Fields

Mehar Block is located approximately 190 kms west of Sukkur and 300 kms north of Karachi in Sindh, Pakistan. It covers an area of 5,030 sq kms. and was awarded to OPII on December 29, 1999.

Petronas Carigali farmed in the block as an operator on May 11, 2000 and discovered gas/condensate in 2003 after successful testing of Mehar-1 from Pab and Lower Ranikot sandstone reservoirs of cretaceous age. At present, Mehar and Sofia have proven to bear hydrocarbons while Mitto and Kakrio are still undergoing evaluation. A total of seven wells have been drilled in the Mehar Block, four of which (Mehar 1, 2 & 3, and Sofia 2) are producers. The remaining three – Basharat 1, Mehar North 1 and Sofia 1 – have been P & A.

Petronas sold its entire shareholding to OMEL which assumed operatorship in July 2011 with a working interest ownership in D&PL of 59.2105%. Other partners include GHPL with 25%, Orient Petroleum with 11.8241% and ZPCL with 3.9474%.

Surface facilities at Mehar Block consist of 30 MMSCFD amine sweetening and dehydration plants, hydrocarbon dew point control unit (HCDP), well gathering network, HP separators, sale-end compressors and condensate storage facility.