Sub-Surface Operations

Petroleum Engineering

The main focus of the Petroleum Engineering is producing assets in Potwar and Lower Indus Basins. The major challenges being encountered includes but not limited to ultra-deep wells having high pressure and high temperature (HPHT). Trouble free completion & testing operations in some of the deepest wells in Potwar area, reflects strength of the Well Operations team through their coordination and the technical skills.

Innovative & robust well completion design and successful completion installation in some of the producing assets recognized the presence of additional horizons that enhanced the asset value. All such innovative solutions opened a new arena for the teams and prompted the reassessment of the assets to fully exploit the biggest structures in the North Potwar.

Water flooding was successfully implemented in one of the oil fields that enhanced overall recovery. Proper water flood mandrels with split injection in various producing horizons were installed to provide the required support. Flow assurance in rigorous scale environment & water conformance which are one of leading problems for the brown fields are being tackled with high proficiency and dedication; by utilizing field proven techniques as well as new technologies implementation.

We have expertise in designing and implementing gas lift in the matured fields. Artificial lift system has resulted in improving the recovery from the assets that translates into several million barrels of oil. New technologies introduced in the planning phase like retrievable zonal isolation solutions with in the producing interval to minimize the lost time and damage to the reservoirs.

Reservoir engineering

Orient Petroleum is devoted in evaluating operated and non-operated fields performance. Through reservoir modeling studies, reservoir engineers endeavor to increase hydrocarbon production, maximize exploration & producing assets value. Classical reservoir engineering activities include material balance calculations, pressure transient analyses, and decline curve analyses to forecast future production based on the past trend and conduct reservoir simulations studies.

The volume of oil and gas produced from a reservoir ultimately determines the economic viability of the asset. Reserves calculations, a primary responsibility of our reservoir engineers, predict the total hydrocarbons available for withdrawals.


Orient Petroleum has expertise in converting an exploratory resource potential into a producible and profitable reserves by maintaining the integrity of asset until the end of its life. In order to achieve this, drilling team nurtures several but harmonious internal and external interfaces and gateways to convert a concept into the asset.

Orient Petroleum has the history of executing arduous and unprecedented drilling and workover ventures within the Company’s operated and non-operated assets which are spread across the country ranging from Kohat & Potwar to Lower Indus basins. The department aspires to deploy techniques and skills to deliver cost-effective, time efficient, & high quality wells in a safe and environment friendly manner, fully compliant to national regulations and international standards. We have driven the company through rigorous multi-rig drilling campaign, carried out re-entries in decades old wells, and operated in tough terrains while achieving excellence in drilling performance which is well recognized in the industry.