Pakistan Gas Infrastructure

Pakistan gas infrastructure


  • Pakistan has two principal gas transmission systems, one covering the northern part of the country, the other covering the south
    • Sui Northern Gas Pipelines (SNGPL)
      • 7,400km of high-pressure transmission pipelines
      • 60,000km of spur distribution lines
      • 60% owned by the Government, 40% by private investors
    • Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGCL)
      • 3,220km of high pressure gas lines
      • 37,000km of distribution lines
      • 89% owned by the Government, 11% by private investors
  • Other small gas transmission systems are also in operation
    • The Mari system, which supplies gas to five fertiliser plants
    • Two separate pipelines, which transmit gas from the Sui, Mari and Kandhkot fields